Both social movements as well as civil society campaigners have denounced in different occasions over the agreement signed by Bahia’s two water utility firms, the CERB and Embasa. This was all because of the role that Mekorot played in denying the water rights of Palestinians.

Working in Unison

Regional legislator and vice president of state commission on environment, draught and water resources Marcelino Galo has demanded to have the agreement revised.

The entire process has culminated in announcing to give way to Stop Mekorot.

As a matter of fact, this has made Mekorot to quickly lose several contracts from around the world due to the pressure put to it and the role it played in water apartheid towards Palestinians.

Pedro Charbel, the Latin America campaigns coordinator for Palestinian BNC or BDS National Committee, the Palestinian leadership of BDS movement has openly welcomed this announcement.

Something will Down

Many Palestinian groups Stop the Wall Campaign, groups like Land Defense Coalition and Palestinian Farmers Union have been working so hard with civil society partners in Bahia in an effort to raise awareness regarding the contract and water apartheid of Israel. The campaign has already produced posters and brochures explaining the violations committed by Israel to Palestinian people’s right to water and connecting it with legacy of Brazil to genocide, slavery and colonialism.