The longstanding mandate of United Nations to promote and to protect human rights internationally has been undermined just recently. This was due to the undermining of right-wing nationalist governments as well as authoritarian regimes taking another hit.


UN High Commissioner for Human Rights which office is based on Geneva mentioned that six of the ten treaty bodies in UN were forced to cancel sessions this year as a result of financial crises. The situation has been considered as unforeseen consequence of some of the UN member States to delay the payments because of organization.

Without receiving these funding, the human rights mechanism of United Nations as well as International tribunals may be serious affected.

Apart from the probable cancellation of sessions of treaty bodies, the mechanisms made by Human Rights Council like Fact Finding Missions and Commissions of Inquiry might just be affected in executing their mandate of taking an in-depth investigation on the violation of HR.

Actions must be Taken

Chairpersons of 10 Committees are saddened and concerned of the consequences associated with the cancellation of the sessions and has seen sent a letter to UN Secretary General and High Commissioner for Human Rights with a request to explore other means of addressing this concern.