The United Nations Human Rights Committee as well as other bodies discovered that Israel is violating human rights of Palestinians to having access to potable water. Still, Israel and all other multinational corporations are to be held responsible to the violation of this basic human right.

There’s an End to Everything

With the Marseille Declaration, global citizens and water rights activists as well declare solidarity with Palestinian citizens and committed to take action in pressuring Israel and other global corporations in an effort to show respect for human rights.

Believe it or not, the average water consumption of households in Palestine is less than 50 percent of WHO’s least recommended allowance and 1/6 of the average household water consumption in Israel. In fact, the poorest families are even forded to pay half of their wages just to have water.

Water is a Basic Necessity. It Should be for Everyone

Marseille Declaration was declared in France, home to World Water Council.

The corporate lobby group and think tank is founded by multinational corporations as well as the World Bank. This has been the key in ending the authority of Mekerot or the Israelis national water company that is involved in the said issue.