The right to education, vote, shelter, identification and the likes are only some of the basic human rights. Infringing these rights may trigger people to lash out on the streets. However, the only human right that some people have taken out to battle is practicing the right to water. Water that is sufficient, clean, accessible, affordable and most of all, clean.

Resolutions to Water Problems

Water problem is causing serious issue among government. There are a number of serious health impacts to which water problems caused and among these are typhoid and cholera. Such water born diseases thrived in locations that have inaccessible clean water.

Water has a direct impact to our quality of life.

The government and the nation as a whole have this obligation of addressing such issue and guaranteeing citizens to have access to it. This is regardless of the person’s location or political affiliation. Because as mentioned, having access to safe, accessible, affordable and sufficient water supply is a basic human right.

It’s Everyone’s Right

Right to water is the right of every people. It is everybody’s right to have quick and easy access to it both for personal as well as domestic use. Always keep in mind, water is something that only the affluent can enjoy, it isn’t a privilege, it is a human right!