Politicians are utilizing all available options to promote themselves and prove their worth among people through local campaigns.

One way that they do it is using social media to show people about their platforms and whatnot.

While social media is an extremely effective way to reach out to a great number of people, still many are failing to use it correctly.

Use Every Resource

For instance, after creating a Facebook page, it has to be promoted in a way that your supporters and voters can easily find it. You may add link to page wherever you can and this includes your Twitter, your YouTube channel and everything in between to expand its scope.

Furthermore, promoting your page offline in places such as campaign literature, direct mails, TV and radio ads can do a lot on the campaigns.

Insights. It’s what Matters

When using social media particularly Facebook for doing local campaigns, make sure that you’re using its Insights feature. You’ll be blown away with how much information and data it can provide for you. For example it can show the demographics of people who liked your page, the ideal time to post, which time your post gets the most interactions, number of people that your post reach and many more.