Ideas For Helping You Save – Coupons And Coupon Fraud

A lot of consumers look for ways to save while getting the most of their purchases. Although the main objective of businesses and companies is for consumers to purchase goods or employ services from them, they too have ideas for helping you save. Among these is offering their customers coupons. If you would want to learn more about coupons, YouReviewIt has a category on some amazing coupons as well as discount offers from retailers that would help you save a great deal of money and their guide will surely give you more amazing opportunities to save even more.

What Are Coupons?

In legal terms, coupons are certificates offering consumers price cut on goods or on services once they are redeemed from manufacturers or with retailers. While coupons are primarily offered by retailers as well as manufacturers to serve as tools for sales promotion to carry out and achieve certain marketing and sales goals, they too are vastly popular with owners of small businesses because they are so easy on the pocket in terms of distribution and circulation and due to their effectiveness, which is historically proven. A lot of consumers are drawn to coupons as they provide immediate value as well as savings.

Upsides and Downsides of Coupons

Similar to other tools for sales promotions, coupons do have their upsides and downsides. One of the upsides is that coupons directly passes savings to consumers compared to trade allowances which are given by producers to retailers. Consumers consider coupons as a special offer that is only temporary instead of a discount or reduction of price, hence the withdrawal or redemption of coupons doesn’t typically affect sales negatively. Coupons also create additional store traffic for retailers wherein they, at their own expense, have the choice to double or triple the value of the coupons offered by the manufacturer to gain even more traffic.

While coupons are indeed an easy way for consumers to cut cost on products or services and be able to save money, couponing has its official procedure. Failure to adhere to these rules and regulations when making use of coupons can result to coupon fraud leading to criminal charges. Hence, consumers need to be aware of and understand the guidelines involving couponing as well as remain in the legal limits.

What is Coupon Fraud?

Coupon fraud, according to the Coupon Information Corporation, happens when:

  • each time a person deliberately makes use of a coupon for a product he/she hasn’t bought or fails to comply with the terms and conditions to redeem it,
  • a retailer tenders coupons for products or services they haven’t sold
  • coupons weren’t correctly redeemed by a consumer relating to a retail purchase;
  • coupons offered are altered or counterfeited.

Coupon fraud is always nearly a violation or defiance of federal law, state law or local law. People who participate in such could face the criminal punishment.