Governments worldwide are now going digital. After all, it is what most of its citizens are currently at. Thus, they’re starting to embrace digital innovations in an effort to modernize bureaucracies and at the same time, reestablish relations among its people.

Technology plays a big role in changing how governments are expected to meet the growing demand and expectations of the public in regards to integrity, speed and quality.

More Engaged Citizens

With so much going on in technology, it becomes transparent while assisting to leverage insights that could be collected from uncountable volume of data. Netizens or online users are less tolerant with regards to corruption and have been given with more ways to fight it. There are inflated as well as heightened expectations for the potential of integrating blockchain technology in improving delivery of public service while strengthening the government’s integrity at the same time.

Blockchain Tech may be the Answer

With all the hype associated to it, it is vital to evaluate the promises of blockchain technology.

Many people do believe that blockchain is just ripe to battle corruption both in registry of assets and monitoring of transactions similar to procurements. By means of leveraging distributed and shared database of ledgers, it is eliminating the need for:

  • Discretionality
  • Red-tape and;
  • Intermediaries

Governments worldwide have now began pilot testing of various blockchain apps in strengthening its public integrity because of this.