Why Refusing To Wear A Mask Could Get You Into Trouble With The Law

Many people have already lost track of time as the coronavirus pandemic took away almost everything that we used to do on a daily basis. Taking a stroll at the park, eating out at your favorite resto, catching the premiere of a highly-anticipated movie, shopping at the nearest mall, these are just some of those things that we could no longer do, at least with a hundred percent safety and comfort. Now, we have to abide by the strict health standards to help curb the spread of this life-threatening disease.

For one, wearing a face mask at all times in public spaces is required. In fact, you will be denied entry at any store if you are not wearing one. Well, what is there to lose by following this, right? Unfortunately, some people find this health measure absurd, to the point that they would go out of the house boldly without wearing a mask. To their defense, being required to wear a mask is an affront to their basic human rights, as they are fighting for their right to breathe fresh air freely.

Wedding Ceremony During COVID Crisis

Hold On, You Might Be Courting A Lawsuit If You Resist To Wear A Mask!

Yes, you read that right. Denying any establishment’s request to wear a face mask upon entry is equivalent to being a threat to everyone else’s safety within the premises. In this situation, there is no way we can tell whether a person nearby has the novel coronavirus or not, unless he or she can show you a result of a recently conducted velgenklere.no swab test. Therefore, as a precaution, we need to wear the mask to protect others from the possibility of you carrying the virus unknowlingly and transmitting it to other people, also unknowingly. If others would also comply to this, then it’s a win-win situation for all of us, since we are giving protection to one another.

HOWEVER, refusal to wear a mask outright is like saying that you do not care for the welfare of your fellow human beings. This act, in this day and age, is tantamount to threatening other people. Being captured on photo or video outside of your house without a face mask can actually be used as an evidence against you, if someone does feel offended by your lack of regards to his or her health and safety. This is almost as important now as swearing to a loyalty oath.


How Important Loyalty Oaths are?

Loyalty oath is a person’s declaration of his/her allegiance to the government and to its institutions. At the same time, this also means disavowal of support among foreign associations or ideologies. When the US became self-governing republic, the oaths of loyalty to new political system became an integral tool to sustain it.

What the Constitution Says?

In Article 2, 1, cl. 8 of United States Constitution, it is requiring the President to take oath of office and then in cl. 3 of Article 4, it is requiring oaths of office among members of US Congress, federal judiciary as well as the officers of the state executive, judicial and legislative branches of the government. These loyalty oaths play an imperative part in the process of naturalization. Thus, people who were born in the US are the citizens by birth but, resident aliens who like to become citizens should swear an oath of allegiance to US.

As a matter of fact, the government has enacted loyalty oaths among its employees during as well as after the World Wars. These oaths are actually considered as an integral tool in defense of the US from enemies both outside and within the country, particularly in times of war. In reality, during and after the World Wars, there’s a widespread fear towards socialism, fascism and communism.

Not to mention, the concomitant stress of ensuring that Americans were and will remain loyal to their homeland, led the state and the federal governments in enacting legislation that will help in eliminating subversive organizations and also, those who are supporting them.

Ensuring that Everyone Practices their Oaths

In fact, the congress is aggressive in investigating the citizen’s loyalty via special House Un-American Activities Committee or HUAC as well as the Senate Permanent Investigation Subcommittee that’s chaired by the US Senator Joseph McCarthy. At the same time, it enacted statutes like Smith Act of 1940 as well as the McCarran Internal Security Act of 1950 that seeks to stop the rise of communism across United States. In fact, even with fierce market competition like businesses that buy Instagram likes, paying ads to be shown on YouTube and the likes, US businesses are still practicing their oaths to maintain fairness among each.

Individual states also had the same laws both state and federal government imposed security programs that has loyalty oaths for members of the labor union and professional organizations and even government employees.

Basic Traffic Laws any Motorist should Know

The driving manual of your respective state is going to show you the basic rules and laws of driving and traffic. Doing a complete rundown of all laws both for traffic and on your car can normally be accessed right into the website of the transportation department of your state. All drivers need to be thoroughly informed of the basic traffic laws because failing to follow it will create serious repercussions like:

  • Fine
  • Penalty
  • Driver’s license suspension

Keep in mind that traffic laws aren’t open to any interpretations. Police authorities will follow and implement the law and it is what should be followed. So don’t rush yourself and instead, consider getting a 마사지 so you’d be more relaxed as you drive and avoid violating any laws.

Basic Speed Rule

There are a lot of states which include California and Texas that have what they call as Basic Speed Law. This particular law is stating that drivers should not exceed the safe speed limit as per the current traffic and roadway conditions. Motorists might be cited in violating the law even if they’re travelling at or below the said speed limit.

Always keep in mind that the speed limits posted are based on the ideal or the normal conditions. If you’re driving in poor weather condition, heavy traffic or any hazardous situations, drivers ought to reduce their speed below the speed limit posted.

Prima Facie Speed Limits

It’s pretty obvious that driving over the speed limitation is against the law. You need to know the speed limit where you’re driving, regardless if it is posted or not. Each and every state has their general prima facie speed limit which is applied when there are no posted signs for speed limit. These prima facie speed limits are being determined by the type of roadway and the area as well.

Drive on the Right

Among the longest standing road laws in the country is for motorists to drive on the right part of the road to be able to avoid conflict between the opposing traffic. Drivers must keep right unless they are trying to pass on another car, trying to avoid obstacles, moving along one-way street or traveling on multilane road.

Platforms and Political Parties

How would you know where does a political party stands? Like what is it supporting? What is it’s take in political landscape of today, what’s their opinion regarding https://seniorsjoy.com/best-tablet-for-seniors/ and so forth. Basically, you would be able to get more information about this matter by looking at their platform.

In essence, the party’s platform serves as the statement on the general beliefs and specific policies they have. As voters, it can help in having an overview of how political parties differ from each.

Platform as a Map

Among the typical complaints towards politics nowadays is that, the two biggest parties appear to be indistinguishable. Obviously, everyone is aware that this isn’t always the case. It is clear that they are not entirely the same because they are in heated debates at all times. However, the differences in policy between parties could be a challenge to figure out.

It isn’t always the Democrats and Republicans. These are actually easy-to-find documentations explaining their point of views in greater detail. Each and every single party is producing a platform.

The platform is some sort of a roadmap. In other words, it is the path that these parties want to take if they could find their way of placing where they could make the decisions.

In most cases, the platform contains the following:

  • Policy choices
  • Party’s beliefs and;
  • Ambitions

Oftentimes, these are more specific than the individual candidates when they are running for office.

The term platform actually began showing up centuries ago which depends on the country you are looking at. For example in America, party politics did not really go in full swing not until 19th century when it became more widespread and organized and operate on a national scale.

How these Platforms are made?

In essence, these platforms are written by every party’s leadership. This is because every single party has set of policy experts, committee heads and directors that are forming the core competencies of their organization. When the party nominated a candidate, there is a certain level of expectations that the nominee will be platform’s representative.

Does TikTok Violated US Law?

Musical.ly that is now known as TikTok has been fined by Federal regulators. To be exact, they’re fined by 5.7 million dollars for collecting the email addresses, names, locations and pictures of kids who are under 13 years old illegally. This is a record penalty for violating the child privacy law of the nation. The results of the fine from the settlement between TikTok and the Federal Trade Commission, which merged with Musical.ly in 2018, that’s based in California.

This Sounds Trouble

TikTok which is Musical.ly before lets users to create video of themselves while lip-syncing to countless of songs which includes children’s movies and is quite popular to both children and adults. As a matter of fact, a Chinese company owns TikTok. According to FTC, TikTok had over 65 million registered users in the US and from the time of this writing, it’s the 5th most popular free application on Apple and Google devices. The illegal collection of data alleged by FDC predates the merge with Musical.ly and as per officials of TikTok, it isn’t in practice.

Musical.ly operators knew that millions of children were using the app but still, they have failed to obtain parental consent prior to the collection of emails, names and several personal information from users who are under 13 years old. This is as per the FTC chairman Joe Simons.

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act is actually a 1998 law that is strictly limiting the collection of personal data of any online users who are younger than the age of 13. However, regulators in past years have been uncertain of how to implement the law to the general-interest sites compared to the ones that are directed at children specifically. The law is forbidding online services from data collection on children, unless, parents have given explicit permission. However, it is covering just the services that are directed at children or ones with actual knowledge that children use them.

How is TikTok Doing, Legally?

Basically, Musical.ly debuted way back in 2014 together with its successor TikTok. Since then, it’s been downloaded more than 300 million times. The original app, Musical.ly is requiring users to provide their emails, phone numbers and emails and also, post a profile picture. The FTC has noted in filing that most of the users are listing their age in the short bios. Meaning to say, the application had an actual knowledge that the user is under 13 years old. The FTC reported as well of receiving thousands of different complaints among parents of these children who were using the app. So if you are planning to buy TikTok promotion, make sure that you have no audience that is under 13 years old.

Giving Clarity to Import/Export Issues

Among the expensive mistakes that any exporter of thermal coffee makers or whatever product would that be is shipping their goods to incorrect destination. Regardless, there was an error or someone made an irresponsible move and should be rectified.

In most cases, this takes place due to the reason that sellers are seduced by the idea of sale and blinded by it. The sad thing is that, they wind up dealing with a difficult and an expensive situation because they have not thoroughly thought of the appropriate steps to be taken. Good thing, exporters have the ability to avoid these situations.

Study the Requirements of Import Country

Regulations of the import country widely vary from one country to the other. Just as exporters in the United States are encountering nuances of US regulations, countries in different parts of the world have their own requirements regarding importing – most typically start on originating site.

The requirements even extend to shipping of products from dangerous goods, hazmat or hazardous materials and so forth, customs and beyond and at the customs itself. Just something you have to expect, different agencies will be requiring different set of requirements. While some are organized, most are actually not. With this being said, how you’d identify the import requirements of a given country?

Identifying Import Country Requirements

The good thing is that, there are a number of resources that exporters are using to identify the import requirements of countries where they are shipping their products. Some of these are discussed below:


This website is a remarkable source to find people who can assist with the importing requirements of a country. Additionally, it is a virtual home base for various resources across the US government.

US Commercial Service

Regardless of the size of your company, the US Commercial Service and Expert Assistance Centers will be an invaluable tool. They are offering tons of free advice and information and stands behind businesses as you start exporting. They also have offices abroad that can assist you in getting information regarding destination countries you will be shipping.

Offices of the State Export Trade

There is a big chance that your state might have trade offices. These offices are designed to help people to quickly identify the specific requirements of a country that you are interested to export to.

Hoarding of Water Bottles and Supplies: Is it Timely or Unnecessary Human Instinct?

Coronavirus is now becoming a pandemic in all parts of the world. No doubt, it is terrifying to think that even in this modern time, such disease could still manifest itself. Everyone is in panic and trying to hoard for supplies for as long as it can last. This is true especially among Americans. From hand sanitizers, boxes of tissues and alcohols and among others are bought from various stores and supermarkets only to ensure that they’ll be safe and sound until this outbreak settles.

Gratitude to Real Heroes

While it is true that these supplies are important, there’s one necessity that no one can skimp on, and that’s water. In fact, we’re just lucky that even in these days, there are still transport company that spedycja water supplies to states and cities. Truly, these companies and people are real heroes for keeping the economy falling apart.

Question is, does anyone have to stock water to battle for coronavirus? Well basically, the answer is no. Regardless if you’re into self-isolation, water easily comes to your house than food and it goes straight to your tap. According to experts, hoarding of water bottles is not a smart move.

It’s the Workforce that should be Addressed

Water companies and utilities are partnering with other firms in an effort to supply things such as disinfectants.

This is to ensure that water is kept clean at all times. Smaller utility companies that do serve little communities are prone to the shortage of workforce. Truth is, 10% skeleton crew for a small team may overwork the staffs.

At the end of the day, let us be mindful that the virus can escalate quickly that it’ll shut down water supplies and facilities, not because of the compromise in facilities but with the lack of employees who will be operating and manning it. That is something that has no certainty.

Don’t Forget Others

For now, you may stockpile water for whatever reason, perhaps in preparation for natural disasters like storms and earthquakes. Without a doubt, coronavirus is making people to take another measure in filling up their supplies and putting their emergency plans in motion. Just remember though, everyone has to work together as a team; we have to leave something for others, so they too can be safe and free from the virus. Ultimately, win from this battle.

Knowing Your Rights If An ICE Raid Happens In Your College And Questions Your Stay In The US

For young adults born outside the United States of America who want to experience the high level of education in the country, they can apply for student visas and be accepted into any universities or colleges of their own choosing. Once they pass the qualifications of the college, then they can start studying and live their best lives in the United States. There are many things that the up and coming college students can try, including a more independent lifestyle wherein they can rent or buy their own refurbished units close to their school.

Unfortunately, if you are one of those students and then you found out that the college that you applied for is actually unaccredited or fake, then you are in danger of being captured by Homeland Security, or worse, be deported. Deportation is one of the worst things that may happen to an immigrant, but there are things that are just not their fault that lead them to a very unwanted situation. In the case of being threatened to be deported due to studying in a fake college, you can always claim your innocence and stand your ground.

Immigrant Students In Danger Of Being Deported Due To Questionable Universities And Colleges In The Country

As many of you may already heard from the news, around 90 additional foreign students of a fake university in Detroit City created by the Department of Homeland Security have been arrested. The bouts of capturing immigrant students have been going on for several months now, and we can expect this to continue until the next year.

A total of about 250 students have now been captured since January on the grounds of immigration violation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). This is said to be a part of a series of operation by federal agents who enthused foreign-born students, many from India, to apply for schools that pretended to be offering graduate programs in technology and computer studies.

Many of the students who were arrested earlier this year have already been deported to India while there are others who are still contesting their deportation. There is one student who has been fortunately allowed to stay after being granted lawful permanent resident status by an immigration judge, although many are still in danger of being removed from the country. In the first place, it is not in their intention to study in a fake college to step into the United States, so they are not at fault and therefore should not be punished. Perhaps getting a notice that the college you are studying in turns out to be a fake is the worst kind of message you can receive from a very mean prank caller.


Buying Refurbished Units is Your Discretion, Careful

Selling refurbished products to the market is totally fine actually. Well so long as the item is suited for its expected purpose and that the seller doesn’t conceal the item as a brand new unit. Whenever you are shopping over the web, especially for electronics, you might notice several items labeled as “refurbished”. Such products usually have a lower price tag compared to its brand new counterpart. Depending on the store, you may be given with a 1-year warranty too.

Selling refurbished goods in the US are totally legal. This is if the seller has accurately represented the product’s characteristics.

No Legal Standards

We know that the term “refurbished” means the seller has repaired and replaced some of the materials in the product and turn it up to a good condition, still there is no legal definition for refurbished goods. Because of this, the expression may be used to cover a host of other circumstances similar to:

  • Brand new unit that’s been returned to by the client who’ve never used it
  • A used product that’s been repaired and reconditioned either by a third party or manufacturer
  • It may be a demo unit or;
  • New item, with damaged packaging

A simple rule when it comes to refurbished good is, as soon as it’s returned, it can’t be sold as “new”. This is regardless if the product wasn’t used. Any of these products can be sold lawfully as a “refurbished” unit for a lower price.

Keeping Buyers Informed

Also, it is totally up to the customer to protect themselves from refurbished units with low quality. Sellers who repair used products and selling it as a refurbished unit and didn’t disclosed doesn’t mean that they break the law. Reputable sellers on the other hand will be offering warranties with the refurbished goods. Much like with those devices that have gone through iPhone screen repairs, it can be deemed as a refurbished unit since it has undergone repair and reconditioning.

Remember this, whenever you are buying a refurbished unit, warranty always play a vital part of your purchase. Depending on the type and terms of warranty, you must be provided with greater protection. It’s better safe than sorry.

How Much Politicians are making in a Year?

A politician’s salary will range from 0 to 6 figures. And this is in the US. For those serving at local levels, they earn the least but for those in the federal as well as state offices, these politicians are generating the most income. If you would think of running in the public office, say for example in the Congress, you should know what your paycheck would look like.

Obviously, the answer will depend on the job that you will be taking. Much like when you check out job boards in vacatures Techniek, you are going to find various jobs with varying amount of income. Elected officials on town councils might have a small stipend but mostly, unpaid volunteer jobs. Majority of the county-level elected officials have pay in which you could make a living. However, the cream of the cake is really at the state and the federal levels in which a politician’s salary really begin to rise tenfold.

Given, how much a politician in the US really make? This is a rough figure and should not be considered as true and valid.

US President

The US President has an annual income of 400,000 dollars a year for the service rendered in the nation. The Congress gives the president a raise almost 5x since former President George Washington took office.

Then the vice president is paid for 231,900 dollars.

Members of the Congress

The members of US Senate and House of representatives are earning a base salary of 174,000 dollars per year.

There are people who think that it is too much given the fact that there are few days debating legislation in a year. Then again, there are those who think that it is too little, with the workload they face outside the Senate floors and the House.


An elected governor of a state are paid anywhere between 70,000 to 190,000 dollars. As a matter of fact, Maine Governor Paul LePage is the lowest paid governor with salary of 70,000 dollars per year. Second-lowest in the list is Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper who is salaried at 90,000 dollars per year. And as for the highest paid governor, it is Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania who generates 190,823 dollars a year followed by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam making 187,500 dollars a year.

Water Conservation Tips and Tricks

In school, we are taught that 70 percent of Earth is water. This notion is what made people believe that we can have it as much as we want. On the other hand, there are water challenges that have to be dealt with. Oftentimes, this is brought by the scarcity of rainfall in some areas. As a result, water conservation tips and tricks become crucial than ever before.

Well the good news, if there’s shortage of water in some areas, we will never fall short of tips and tricks that anyone can practice to save water.

Tip #1: Turn Off Taps

Among the simplest and most effective water conservation tips that you can practice is turning off taps when it’s not in use. While it seems to be straightforward, you’ll definitely be surprised how many people are disregarding this.

Well a prime example is when brushing your teeth. Millions of people worldwide are letting their taps on, leaving water to run continuously.

Remember, between rinsing your brushes, the taps have to be shut off.

Tip #2: Check Pumps for Signs of Leaks

You’ll certainly be surprised by how much water you are losing from leaking drains and pumps. You have to check these on a regular basis to make sure that it has no leaks. In case that you’re worried on leaks, then make sure to check water bill regularly. Observe if there’s a spike in the cost of your water bill. If yes, then it’s time to call a plumber.

On the other hand, if the problem is something that can be done as a DIY project, buy necessary tools and equipment from the Amazon great Indian sale.

Tip #3. Instead of Baths, take Showers

We can’t deny the fact that it’s more relaxing to take baths. But you would be amazed by how much water you are actually using if you’d look closely. It’s true that water runs continuously when taking a shower. But trust me, you are actually using less.

Of course, there are many other tips that you can try out. But the aforementioned ideas are enough to get your started.

Water Crises in Israel: When will it Stop?

Israel has finally “solved” its problem with water. Well, this is a common headline with regards to world-leading water management as well as technology of Israel. However, if tourists, farmers and residents alike will never have to worry of their tap running dry. This is because the nation has invested a large sum of money and thorough consideration on this matter. Everything is done in an effort to solve the water crisis.

Desperate of Resolving the Water Problem?

Almost half a decade suffering from serious drought, it is more precise to say that the country is inventing and at the same time, implementing a more practical approach in resolving the problem. As a result of climate change, the October to March rainy season significantly reduced to few torrentially rainy days. This has lead to the drop of water in just few months time. In such situations, even the government is asking for its citizen’s to stay hard for longer.

From 2005, seawater desalination and wastewater reclamation play a crucial role in guaranteeing that there’s enough water supply for the country.

To be more accurate, 2.1 billion cubic meters every year for every household, agriculture and all other industries in Israel.

Then, 31% from the irrigation originates from the treated wastewater of more than 150 plants. The treated brackish water is being supplied from 45 plants. These 45 plants are then accommodating both the non-agricultural and agricultural needs.

Direct from the Supply

In fact, around 60 to 80 percent of municipal water from the country has adjusted as per real-time demand and season, the flows from plants in

  • Ashkelon
  • Ashdod
  • Sorek
  • Hadera and;
  • Palmachim

And since 2013, Sorek has been in operation. They are actually the biggest desolation plant in the world that utilizes seawater reverse osmosis. This is being powered by the government via water treatment pioneer IDE technologies which was founded by Technion-trained scientists in 1965.

And today, IDE is a multinational firm holding wastewater treatment installation and desalination water system in over 40 countries. Then, Mekorot. They are distributing desalinated water after the minerals are readded to 57 municipal water utilities across Israel. From Sorek, it just costs roughly 55 cents for every cubic meter. Well in comparison, it is only costing 10 cents in getting a cubic meter of freshwater from the natural resources of Israel in which the supply is declining at a fast rate. Believe it or not, in some countries, the cost for desalinated water is at 3 dollars per cubic meter.

Is it the End for Mekorot?

Mekorot is the national water company of Israel. With their power and reach, they were able to deprive the Palestinians to have the right to access water systematically. It was executed via policies including international pillage of its natural resources and discriminating Palestinians as ethnic group that have resulted to the support of illegal settlement enterprise.

During Ramadan, Mekorot shuts down water to various cities as well as villages in Palestine and the ones that have taken the hit most are Salfit, Nablus and Jenin.

It had forced its citizens to spend days and weeks without water access while suffering temperatures that’s beyond 35 degrees Celcius. .

This brewed renewed campaigning against the water company. An example of this campaign is the Alliance for Water Justice in Palestine that’s based in Boston, Massachusetts.

United for Palestine

The intensity of the campaign is so massive that it had attracted and united people worldwide in support of the Palestinian people. From players of Agario and several game titles, athletes in various sporting events, human rights activists and even the United Nations have took notice of the campaign.

As part of their campaign against the water policies implemented by Mekorot, the group sent an open letter to Israeli Consul based in Boston. The letter was also distributed on a national scale to raise awareness towards the water apartheid of Mekorot as well as its actions throughout Ramadan.

Success for the Campaigns

In the letter, it outlined how the company has dramatically restricted the water of access of Palestinian people and cutting off water supplies to several cities as well as villages. The group is held Israel for being accountable for all these actions as it was violating the international human rights law.

Victory came when Alliance for Water Justice in Palestine has visited State House in Boston in order to send out the letter and discuss the serious situation in Palestine to every legislator. Upon the arrival at State House, they’re oriented that the legislators will be voting on a bill that same afternoon including a BDS or anti-Boycott Divestment and Sanctions. After the constant pressure from rights advocates of Palestine, Senator Cynthia Creem who pioneered the anti BDS legislation soon withdrew the amendment.