We are using water resources for various applications. It can be on water resources, for agriculture, for household similar to washing and drinking, for industry and many other things. In most instances, we are using water in the most unsustainable way.

Water is All Over the Place

Depending on which part of the world you live, the volume of water used in every sector differs. Countries are using different volume of water as well. When used for agricultural purposes, it is mostly intended for watering livestock and irrigation. All over the world, agriculture consumes roughly 70 percent of all freshwater.

Universal Resource

Water can be seen being used in manufacturing and industry. It is frequently used in production process in terms of diluting, cooling, processing or transporting products – whichever the company needs it be. For resources extraction or mining, it can play a significant role in removing substance or mineral from earth. Power plants on the other hand know the true importance of water for it is significant in keeping its machines from overheating.

As for households however, water is used for bathing, drinking, watering gardens and lawns, laundry, cooking and flushing toilets. Basically, anything that makes life convenient.

While we have easy access to water, we need to learn how to use it appropriately for there are other nations that face true challenge in getting access to such.