Campaigners across the globe are participating in a revolt against Mekorot, Israel’s national water company. This is actually the primary target of Israeli water apartheid towards Palestinians.

Denouncing Mekorot

With the Stop Mekorot campaign, it has emerged out of the citizen’s action in the country wherein Mekorot has tried to establish and built its presence by entering lucrative contracts that are frequently associated to the privatization of water in the said country.

Mekorot is claiming to sell its expertise and experience on water. But the thing is, it is hiding its role in consistent denial of water to the Palestinians which includes the collusion with Israeli military in an effort to destroy the water infrastructure of Palestinian.

All these were done while providing countless amounts to the Israelis.

Stopping Mekorot from Entering the International Market Scene

Still with Stop Mekorot campaign, one of its objective is denouncing the partnerships with the said company and make it in charge for all the complicity with the violation of international law and at the same time, the use of its power in abusing human rights of the Palestinians.

Truly, this is an issue that has to be given thorough consideration. Otherwise, more people will be taken advantage of.