Comparing Gift-Giving Practices between American and Arabian Cultures

America’s gift-giving culture is not as restricted by traditions and customs when compared to practices observed by those who belong to the Araban race.

In America, giving presents to family members, business associates and close friends is generally expected only during Christmas and special occasions like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Fathers’ Day graduations and occasional social visits. Arabian culture, on the other hand, recognizes giving gifts as an important practice to observe when looking to forge good business and social relationships. This stems from the fact that the Prophet Muhammad, the founder of the islamic relgion encourages people to give gifts to one another as a way of maintaining harmony in relationships.

Still, there are etiquettes to observe when giving gifts to Muslims and it’s important to know some of the most vital traditions to observe

How and Whom to Give Gifts in Accordance with Muslim Traditions

First off, be in the know that when in the Middle East, the respectful way of giving a present is by using the right hand or both hands. Muslim culture considers the left hand unclean as it is largely associated with bathing and cleaning rituals.

Reciprocation is also considered ethical in Arabic culture, which denotes that when someone gives a person a gift, the recipient has to give something in return that is more or less of equal value even if symbolically and not immediately.

Giving presents to members of the opposite sex outside of the family circle is taboo because the act is regarded as too intimate. When a male has to give gift to a female business associate or vice versa, the proper way to do is to say that the present is from wife or husband, as the case may be.

Socially, when giving a family man or woman a present, it is a good practice to also give small gifts for the children. Such practice is a way of conveying genuine interest in keeping a friendship for long term or permanently.

Most Amercans make it a practice to always choose age-appropriate gifts, especially for children. To make choosing easier, they use search phrases like “fun gifts for age 6 boys” or something similar, However, when buying presents for a Muslim friend and his or her children, Americans must do so with care. Mainly because there are traditional do’s and don’ts to observe when giving gifts in the Middle East.

Important Gift-Giving Do’s and Don’ts in the Middle East

While the safest and most popular gifts to give are food items, make sure they do not contain pork and pork by-products like cured pork meat (ham, bacon, sausage and gelatin) because pigs or hogs are considered as unclean animals in Islam. Dates, pastries, cookies, chocolates and sweet treats are the most recommended food items to give as gifts in the Middle East.

Native crafts and art works are acceptable but they should not depict images of the human body because the human anatomy is regarded as a sacred gift from Allah. Items with dog depictions are also improper because Islamic religion, likewise considers dogs as unclean animals.

Wines, spirits or any form of alcoholic beverages are no-nos since the Islamic law prohibits alcohol drinking as a habit.

When choosing a garment or accessories as gift for a Muslim male, avoid those made of silk materials or constructed out of gold metals. The Prophet Muhammad’s teachings specifically stated that such objects are haram or forbidden for male Muslims.

Limit yourself from buying online pet stuff

Pet owners find it rather simple to buy many things for their pets. You will find things in many different categories which are for pets. Pets are normally quite simple to please. It’s due to our love for those who we go forward on particular products. These purchases can finally impact our budgets. That is the reason why it’s necessary to have a strategy when you enter your pet supply shop.

There are specific things which are a requirement for the pet. These are costs which are reasonable. Within this class are food and drugs. After these things are bought, you can think about splurging in your pet. A number of your purchases will probably factor in the sort of pet you have.

Some pet things are particular to pets. You’ll get these items put in separate places in the typical supply shop. You will find things which are specifically advertised for puppies. Most shops have a part with cat supplies too. Some shops provide pet owners a part for different kinds of pets.

Planning ahead for purchasing pet stuff is a fantastic idea, check this site: – This can assist you to go overboard. At precisely the exact same time, you are able to maintain your financial plan. Contemplating your purchasing experience is a great idea before you leave home. 

Toys are a number of the highest buys that pet owners purchase. Many places provide toys for pets which are pricey. With this consideration it’s very important to buy just 1 toy at a time. To be effective you can buy a toy to substitute a toy. This will let you keep an eye on your area for toys. It is going to also allow you to see your budget.

Buy limited food options

Many veterinarians will inform you that pets do not require a good deal of variety in which food is concerned. With all the options in this class, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. There are quite a few kinds of dry pet foods to choose from. Most shops also stock a selection of canned food items such as pets. In addition to foods you will find also snack goods made for pets. Just because it’s crucial to track your weight, it’s necessary to do exactly the identical thing to your pet. That is the reason why buying an excessive amount of food isn’t wise. Expiration dates for specific products also needs to factor into your own selections.

Limit clothes purchases

Many cat and dog owners regularly buy clothes items for their pets. There are seasonal clothes products for pets. These are created for summer and winter use. Specialty shops sell clothes for pets. A number of these options are often very costly. Retail shops have items in this class. Some pets might like not to wear clothes. 1 good way to not go forward would be to get clothing as soon as your pet has deciphered existing things.

How Important Loyalty Oaths are?

Loyalty oath is a person’s declaration of his/her allegiance to the government and to its institutions. At the same time, this also means disavowal of support among foreign associations or ideologies. When the US became self-governing republic, the oaths of loyalty to new political system became an integral tool to sustain it.

What the Constitution Says?

In Article 2, 1, cl. 8 of United States Constitution, it is requiring the President to take oath of office and then in cl. 3 of Article 4, it is requiring oaths of office among members of US Congress, federal judiciary as well as the officers of the state executive, judicial and legislative branches of the government. These loyalty oaths play an imperative part in the process of naturalization. Thus, people who were born in the US are the citizens by birth but, resident aliens who like to become citizens should swear an oath of allegiance to US.

As a matter of fact, the government has enacted loyalty oaths among its employees during as well as after the World Wars. These oaths are actually considered as an integral tool in defense of the US from enemies both outside and within the country, particularly in times of war. In reality, during and after the World Wars, there’s a widespread fear towards socialism, fascism and communism.

Not to mention, the concomitant stress of ensuring that Americans were and will remain loyal to their homeland, led the state and the federal governments in enacting legislation that will help in eliminating subversive organizations and also, those who are supporting them.

Ensuring that Everyone Practices their Oaths

In fact, the congress is aggressive in investigating the citizen’s loyalty via special House Un-American Activities Committee or HUAC as well as the Senate Permanent Investigation Subcommittee that’s chaired by the US Senator Joseph McCarthy. At the same time, it enacted statutes like Smith Act of 1940 as well as the McCarran Internal Security Act of 1950 that seeks to stop the rise of communism across United States. In fact, even with fierce market competition like businesses that buy Instagram likes, paying ads to be shown on YouTube and the likes, US businesses are still practicing their oaths to maintain fairness among each.

Individual states also had the same laws both state and federal government imposed security programs that has loyalty oaths for members of the labor union and professional organizations and even government employees.

Al-Huwaitat Tribe Seeks UN Help as Saudi Gov’t. Is Out to Displace Them

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been noted to make efforts to improve its international image, yet the al-Huwaitat tribe is once again seeking help from the UN. Urgent communication is being sent by members of the al-Huwaitat tribe pertaining to claims of abuse and displacement, in connection with the NEOM mega-city project unveiled by the Saudi government in 2016.

The NEOM project drew international attention in 2018 when several NEOM Advisory Board members withdrew their involvement, including prominent British architect Norman Foster. Their main reason for doing so was the Saudi government’s alleged implication in the slaying of Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post journalist.

In April of this year, a Saudi citizen and al-Huwaitat tribe member were slain by Saudi security forces, while the government reported that the two were killed in the course of a gun battle.

Last September, an appeal to the United Nations was made by the al-Kuwaitat tribe as several members have been arrested or abducted because they continue to lead in the tribe’s defiance of relocation orders that would make way for the NEOM project. The arrested members are being held incommunicado by Saudi security forces. Matters have taken a turn for the worse as the whereabouts of two tribe members arrested last October 1, 2020 remain unknown.


The Controversy Surrounding the NEOM Mega-City Project

Based on 2016 information materials disseminated by the Saudi government in unveiling the NEOM project, the plan is to build a mega-city on virgin lands. However, it later turned out that the supposed “virgin land” is located in northwest Tabuk province, which include settlements occupied for a number of centuries by the al-Huwaitat tribe.

Today, an estimated 20,000 al-Huwaitat tribal members are facing eviction to make way for the NEOM project.

Dawn Chatty, a professor of Anthropology and Forced Migration at Oxford University, spoke with the Al Jazeera and said

”The Saudi government is not even trying to settle the issue with the tribe, pretending that the al-Huwaitat settlement does not exist at all.”

Touted as the New Future, the planned NEOM mega-city is one of the projects envisioned by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. According to NEOM website info, it is one of the Crown Prince’s initiatives in reinvigorating and in diversifying Saudi’s economy. The total projected cost is $500 billion and will be funded by the government’s Public Investment Fund.

At the start, the NEOM project stirred excitement among members of the al-Huwaitat tribe because the government said the tribe will take part in the city’s development. It even included a projection that the tribe will become the most famous indigenous group in the world.

However, in January 2020, the Crown Prince had allegedly sent an emissary to speak with the al-Huwaitat tribe, giving them notice to leave their lands. In return, each family will accept compensation of $3,000. In Saudi Riyal the compensation is roughly equivalent to SR 11,000 only. Those who refuse will simply face eviction measures.

Ideas For Helping You Save – Coupons And Coupon Fraud

A lot of consumers look for ways to save while getting the most of their purchases. Although the main objective of businesses and companies is for consumers to purchase goods or employ services from them, they too have ideas for helping you save. Among these is offering their customers coupons. If you would want to learn more about coupons, YouReviewIt has a category on some amazing coupons as well as discount offers from retailers that would help you save a great deal of money and their guide will surely give you more amazing opportunities to save even more.

What Are Coupons?

In legal terms, coupons are certificates offering consumers price cut on goods or on services once they are redeemed from manufacturers or with retailers. While coupons are primarily offered by retailers as well as manufacturers to serve as tools for sales promotion to carry out and achieve certain marketing and sales goals, they too are vastly popular with owners of small businesses because they are so easy on the pocket in terms of distribution and circulation and due to their effectiveness, which is historically proven. A lot of consumers are drawn to coupons as they provide immediate value as well as savings.

Upsides and Downsides of Coupons

Similar to other tools for sales promotions, coupons do have their upsides and downsides. One of the upsides is that coupons directly passes savings to consumers compared to trade allowances which are given by producers to retailers. Consumers consider coupons as a special offer that is only temporary instead of a discount or reduction of price, hence the withdrawal or redemption of coupons doesn’t typically affect sales negatively. Coupons also create additional store traffic for retailers wherein they, at their own expense, have the choice to double or triple the value of the coupons offered by the manufacturer to gain even more traffic.

While coupons are indeed an easy way for consumers to cut cost on products or services and be able to save money, couponing has its official procedure. Failure to adhere to these rules and regulations when making use of coupons can result to coupon fraud leading to criminal charges. Hence, consumers need to be aware of and understand the guidelines involving couponing as well as remain in the legal limits.

What is Coupon Fraud?

Coupon fraud, according to the Coupon Information Corporation, happens when:

  • each time a person deliberately makes use of a coupon for a product he/she hasn’t bought or fails to comply with the terms and conditions to redeem it,
  • a retailer tenders coupons for products or services they haven’t sold
  • coupons weren’t correctly redeemed by a consumer relating to a retail purchase;
  • coupons offered are altered or counterfeited.

Coupon fraud is always nearly a violation or defiance of federal law, state law or local law. People who participate in such could face the criminal punishment.

Film Making In Iran, Allowed Until Banned

Making films in Iran means a dance on the red line. It does not follow any laws, its rules change constantly.

The town of Lavasan is located east of Tehran on the slopes of the Albors Mountains. The taxi ride takes a good 30 minutes, the switchbacks run through a landscape of brown rocks. Lavasan used to be a village. The houses have few floors and red gabled roofs, there are also luxury villas, and because of the many maple trees, the air is better than in Tehran. Above all wealthy Iranians and artists live in Lavasan.

Weird Laws In Iran

One of them is the director Mani Haghighi. He lived in Canada for a long time and looks like George Clooney. His film The Arrival of a Dragon was screened in the Berlinale competition in 2016. A surreal thriller with powerful colors. In Iranian cinemas this year, Mani Haghighi made it into fourth place with the comedy “50 Kilos of Sour Cherries”, one of the most successful films in Iranian history.

Mani Haghighi: “The film starts at a wedding party. The police come and a young man and a young woman find themselves in a room. He only wears underwear and is arrested. Everyone thinks they had sex, even though we know that this is not true. The film has caused controversy here. The conservative press went crazy because they couldn’t believe there was a sex comedy going on in the cinema that was so explicit by Iranian standards. ”

During the interview, Mani Haghighi receives a message on her cell phone: There is a rumor that “50 kilos of sour cherries” are prohibited. And that is exactly what happens a few weeks later – however, the film is no longer shown in Iranian cinemas at the time. It remains a mystery why the authorities approve the script and the finished film and then ban it afterward. Maybe because he was so successful much like banning successful journalists who found a gold mine of information.

Making films in Iran means: working until further notice. Mani Haghighi is prepared

“I am always amazed at what they let through in my films and what they want to take out. I never understood the logic of censorship in Iran. What I do, and it’s no secret: I film things that I know are going to be taken out just to meet their need to cut something out. ”

Over 100 feature films are made in Iran every year, more than in many European countries. The Islamic Republic supports filmmakers with foundations and money. Even the “Ministry of Culture and Islamic Leadership” – responsible for censorship – does that. Of course, only films that do not cross the red lines. They are not written down anywhere, but everyone in the country knows or better: feels them. In addition to sex scenes, criticism of the country’s religious leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, is taboo.

Iranian films often get awards at major festivals. Watch these top-notch films that will capture your interest in online or download it on your device through Keepvid downloader. This year the new film by Oscar winner Asghar Farhadi was shown in Cannes. A year earlier, Jafar Panahi brought the Golden Bear to the Berlinale with “Taxi Tehran”. He shows the paradox of Iranian cinema: Panahi is celebrated abroad, and at home, he is banned from working. Nevertheless, he continues to shoot – with a minimal budget, digital camera and in reasonably protected locations, in the house or in a taxi. He smuggles his films out of the country and is not allowed to give interviews.